Production Area

Kiln dry
  Our new manufacturing has all-important facilities to manufacture various lines of products.
Those facilities include:

o Sawmill and Kiln Dry chambers with monthly capacity of 1,500 cubic meters of sawn timber this is manufacturing and our supplier.
o A complete production line suitable to manufacture indoor furniture item, bedroom set and occasional item.
o Include manufacturing of riset and development about new item.
o Warehouse, spacious show room and office space.
Finishing area

  CV. AURA JAVA FURNITURE product range in wood-working industry consists of Indoor Furniture currently, our monthly output level of production Are 20 to 30 containers of the above variation of products. CV. AURA JAVA FURNITURE in its way of prom oting it self to any potential business partner who would like to share
The important of having a long term, solid business relationship. We believe that the foundation
Of a good business relationship is to show our high commitment on preserving a long-term
Business growth through high quality of woodworking and consistency of operation.
Our past experience has shown that most of our business partners have managed to expand
Their business with us by having 30% to 40% increase of number of containers ordered.
Few of them even were projecting some 200% increase of order for the season.
Packing area

Manufacturing process
wood stock in log yard
Wood Supply

  CV. AURA JAVA FURNITURE has been working hand in hand as a partner of
The Indonesian government body who responsible for the management of forestry
And wood plantation; it more than a decade ag o since we being
supplied fully By Perum Perhutani. Our working relationship is based
on annual contract for supplies of Teak and Mahogany.

  CV. AURA JAVA FURNITURE guarantees the availability of plantation wood throughout the year


The management is attaining smooth manufacturing process by having responsible, resourceful and experienced professionals to run the function CV. AURA JAVA FURNITURE management team is the representative of experienced professionals from Indonesia as well as other countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and England. They work together to promote continuous improvement in quality, efficiency and consistency.


CV. AURA JAVA FURNITURE already certificated from TUV Rheinland for Legal
Origin Version 1.0 and FSC Standard ( Chain of Custody ) Version 2-0
Registration no. : IC-COC-100072 from
Forest Stewardship Council A.C. (FSC)

Phone : +6281 3939 02 999
+6285 741 950 999

Email :info@aurajavafurniture.com

Website : aurajavafurniture.com

Jepara Central Java
I n d o n e s i a

Year in business : 7 Years
Marketing Office : Jl. Kecapi Rambutan, Ds. Kecapi – Tahunan Jepara, Central Java – Indonesia
Founder : Muhammad Imron
Lines of business : Furniture manufacturer & exporter
Showroom, Workshop : Jl. Kecapi Rambutan, Ds. Kecapi – Tahunan & Production Location Jepara, Central Java – Indonesia
Employees : 200 Persons
Export Markets : Europe, U.K, U.S.A, Australia, etc.
Certificate : FSC – CoC , VLO
Minimum Order Requirement : 1 x 20 Ft Cont.
Currency Favour : USD & IDR (Depends onagreement).
Terms of Payment : F.O.B Semarang Port.
Down Payment / DP : Advance deposit 50 % goods value and additional cost upon receipt of goods after contract order signed.
Full Payment :
a. Regular Customers : 50 % balance on shipping (paid after customer received copy  B/L & Invoice via fax / e-mail).
b. New Customers : 50 % balance must be paid before container stuffing. Paid after customer received our confirmation for 100% item’s readyness & e-mailed  pictures of item order’s condition.
Beneficiary : Aura Java Furniture
Bank Name – Address : Bank Negara Indonesia 46 Branch Jepara, Central Java – Indonesia Jl. Pemuda No. 11 A – Jepara
Swift code : BNINIDJAJPR

Note :   We only can send the document by air after you settle the balance payment (full payment).

Ranges of design : Minimalist (Modern), Antique / Rustic Antique reproduction, Classic, French Style,Garden furniture.
Quality : Export quality with 100% guarantee (30 day after arrival the goods).
Production Process : 50% machinemade 50% Handmade
Capacity : 15 x 40 Ft. HC per – month on Manufacture With vendor more than 20 x 40 ft HC
Lead Time Production : approximately between 8 – 10 weeks maximum (Depends on variety of items order).
E -mail : info@aurajavafurniture.com
Website  : aurajavafurniture.com
Correspondence : English
Contact Person : Muhammad Imron
Mobile Phone & Whatsapp : +62 81 3939 02 999
Office Number : +62 291 426 0835



  • Customers can never be overly satisfied when it comes to quality. We shall work carefully, skillfully, and with pride.
  • Customers can teach us about our mistakes. We must not take offense to customer issues, rather we shall listen, resolve, and improve.
  • Customers expect value for their money. We shall provide uncompromising levels of customer service, go to any lengths to satisfy our customer’s requests, and we shall always be friendly, flexible, and fair.
  • Customers need on-time deliveries. We shall not make false promises. When a request can not be satisfied we must say so in advance, and then we must offer alternatives which might meet the customer’s needs.
  • Customers need information. We must keep the customer informed at all times. We must communicate regularly, coherently, and completely. This is a business with many details so we must not overlook the importance of sending order progress updates to our customers which allows them to schedule and plan accordingly.
  • Customers need a trustworthy and reliable vendor. We shall be loyal friends, we must honor agreements, and we shall work with integrity, always.
  • Customers need to be profitable too. We shall assist our customers to achieve profitability by providing them furniture and accessories which are unique, well crafted, and which excel in quality versus the customer’s competition.

Moreover, we shall extend reasonable and fair prices that will allow the customer to earn the highest possible returns upon resale.


Currency Favour are USD or IDR.

The first thing to understand when purchasing furniture from Indonesia is that the price you will pay will never be the same from order to order. This is because there is a rupiah  to  dollar exchange rate which changes every day. We determine our prices by dividing ourlocal rupiah price by an official exchange rate which we get from our bank. The exchange rate changes daily and it is not practical for us to update our price list every day. With this in mind use the price list as an

indication of price but understand that the price you will pay will be slightly more or even less than what’s shown.

Within hours of receiving a customer’s order we sell our dollars for rupiah to cover our costs for producing the order. Our local costs are all paid in rupiah. Whatever rate the bank charges us to exchange our dollars for rupiah is the rate which gets applied to the order and will be the rate used to calculate the pricing for the order.

Prices shown are discounted container load prices. We do not offer volume discounts since our cost for production is the same for 1 or 100. For multiple container orders we are  open to discussions about discounts.

Price List :

The question which we receive more than any other is, “where are the prices? ” The answer is simply we do not show prices because we are protecting our existing customers. Our primary business is serving wholesale buyers who buy from us on an ongoing basis. Building relationships is hard work and we certainly do not want to jeopardize these valued relationships by selling into an existing customer’s territory.

We believe that customers who are serious about doing business with us will gladly wait while we process their request for pricing knowing that should they become a customer of ours they can count on the fact that we will not turn around and sell to their competitor down the road.

Pricing is available upon request for all pre-qualified buyers. We first need to determine which category of buyer you fall under so that we can then furnish you with prices. We have two levels of pricing available. The prices which you qualify for will be determined by the volume of your purchase. Please select one of the two available options below.

A wholesale buyer is one which is purchasing for RESALE, who buyson an ongoing basis, and who places orders which fill our MINIMUM ORDER REQUIREMENT which is a FULL 20 FOOT CONTAINER.


    You can contact us by email or by phone, and then you advise us what items that you choose we will give you the prices after you agree with our price, we will give you Pro-forma Invoice  of your order, and then you deposit Down Payment to our Account. After we receive your Deposit we will process them immediately.

    A very common question that we receive is , “how many pieces can I fit in a container”? The amount a container will hold is determined by the size of the container and the mix of the contents. Our minimum order is a full 20 foot container. We do not have minimum requirements on the contents. So you may mix and match as you choose.

    There are 3 common size containers which we work with. Our customers generally order a variety of furniture by mixing large and small items and so the figures below take this into account Below are the sizes and the average quantity of mixed furniture you might expect to fit. These numbers are indications only. If the order consisted of all small items the numbers may be higher and

    lower if the order was for all large items such as cabinets etc.

    20 foot: 75-100

    40 foot standard: 150-175

    40 foot high cube: 200-225

    We will gladly work with you when preparing your order. We ask that you send us a purchase order by email. We will review the list of items and inform you what size container you will need,

    whether you should add to or reduce you order etc…

    Our payment policy is 50% deposit in advance and the balance on shipping especially for regular customers (paid after customer received copy B/L). Exception will be asked for new customers.

    50% balance for full payment must be paid before container stuffing. (Paid after customer received our confirmation for 100% item’s readyness & e-mailed pictures of item order’s condition)

    A pro-forma deposit invoice for deposit and full payment will be sent by email / fax.

    Payment is by bank transfer. Bank details will be provided. The order will be go in production once deposit has been verified in our account.

    You should allow minimum 8 weeks & 10 weeks maximum for production leadtime (after received deposit / down payment). Our products are made to order. While we keep small stocks of certain items the majority of our products go into production when an order is received.

    All our furniture items is crafted by hand and we employ a five step finishing process. Due to drying tomes between finishing steps the process can not be rushed without sacrificing quality. Though we work with delivery times in mind we must ensure that the quality is to our standard and this requires following all the finishing steps with adequate drying time between steps.

    Noted : Items of a custom nature may require longer lead times than normal.

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    Our prices are “EX Works”  (F.O.B. Semarang Port) meaning that all related shipping costs from our warehouse to final destination are the responsibility of the customer.

    You are free to select  or nominate your own freight forwarder in Indonesia or use our trusted forwarder.

    Costs of shipping vary by geographical region. We can supply a shipping quote upon request.

    We  packs  all  furniture  at  no  extra  charge.  We  use  single  face  wrapped  &  carton  box  for packaging. Items needing crating  requested will be charged additionally.

    Shipping transit times vary too but usually range between 4-5 weeks.

    Lead Time Delivery : 4 – 5 weeks shipping time.
    Packing : Single face & carton box wrapping.
    Shipping Mark : As per our standard


    Quality control is something we take very seriously. We wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t. Our furniture is 100% kiln dried guaranteed for – 15 MC Scale to avoid  any problems  caused by humidity.

    It  should  be  remembered  that  teak  &  mahogany  wood  are  tropical  hardwoods.  It’s  natural environment is hot and humid. Moving the wood in the form of furniture to dry or cold climates may on occasion cause a piece of furniture to react by splitting or warping. Kelvindo Furniture has been  in  business  for  many  years  and  we  have  learned  through  experience  how  to  limit  the incidents of cracking and warping. More often than not it is just a redesign of a piece of furniture that will limit the risks.

    While we make no claim that our customers will never experience quality problems we want  to emphasis that the incidents are the exception and not the norm with our products. Unlike many Indonesian exporters, we  seldom do one off  shipping. Many people come to  Indonesia, fill a container  full  of  furniture  and  ship  it  home  and  the  exporter  knows  that  it  is  a  one  time experience so quality control is not a bog deal. Unfortunately many of these customers soon come to learn that what you see and what you get are not always the same when shopping in Indonesia. Regretfully when  they try  to seek a solution  with  the  exporter they often  find themselves frustrated and feeling ripped off.

    Kelvindo Furniture cares. Your business is important to us. Without you there is no us. Building long lasting relationships based on mutual trust and a shared interest in each others success is the basis of how we do business. As a customer of Kelvindo Furniture you can be assured of one thing, we do not run at the first sign of a problem. We listen and try to do what is best for both companies. This requires flexibility and compromise and has worked successfully for us for years. If there is a quality concern  it should be brought to  our attention so that we can take the appropriate steps to reduce the risk of it  happening  again. We ask that any quality claims be accompanied by supporting documentation in the way of digital images which should be sent to us for review.

    Kelvindo Furniture does not have a blanket policy for compensation for claims since all claims have different mitigating factors. We take claims on a case by case basis. In most cases  we  offers replacements or discounts on future orders but in no case does cash refunds.


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