The first thing to understand when purchasing furniture from Indonesia is that the price you will pay will never be the same from order to order. This is because there is a rupiah  to  dollar exchange rate which changes every day. We determine our prices by dividing ourlocal rupiah price by an official exchange rate which we get from our bank. The exchange rate changes daily and it is not practical for us to update our price list every day. With this in mind use the price list as an indication of price but understand that the price you will pay will be slightly more or even less than what’s shown.

Within hours of receiving a customer’s order we sell our dollars for rupiah to cover our costs for producing the order. Our local costs are all paid in rupiah. Whatever rate the bank charges us to exchange our dollars for rupiah is the rate which gets applied to the order and will be the rate used to calculate the pricing for the order.

Prices shown are discounted container load prices. We do not offer volume discounts since our cost for production is the same for 1 or 100. For multiple container orders we are  open to discussions about discounts.

The question which we receive more than any other is, “where are the prices? ” The answer is simply we do not show prices because we are protecting our existing customers. Our primary business is serving wholesale buyers who buy from us on an ongoing basis. Building relationships is hard work and we certainly do not want to jeopardize these valued relationships by selling into an existing customer’s territory

We believe that customers who are serious about doing business with us will gladly wait while we process their request for pricing knowing that should they become a customer of ours they can count on the fact that we will not turn around and sell to their competitor down the road.

Pricing is available upon request for all pre-qualified buyers. We first need to determine which category of buyer you fall under so that we can then furnish you with prices. We have two levels of pricing available. The prices which you qualify for will be determined by the volume of your purchase. Please select one of the two available options below.

A wholesale buyer is one which is purchasing for RESALE, who buyson an ongoing basis, and who places orders which fill our MINIMUM ORDER REQUIREMENT which is a FULL 20 FOOT CONTAINER.