6 Furniture Styles


6 Furniture Styles 2019 looks set to be the year of more adventurous interior design choices, which is why we really want to show you some of the more fabulous furniture styles that are rising to prominence right now! Whether you’re thinking about updating a classic bedroom or want to invest in some statement contemporary living room pieces, we think you’re going to love some of the suggested genres that we have for you today. Come and take a look and see if your inner interior designer is inspired to make an appearance and more of your home!

1. Vintage
2. Upholstered with florals
3. Luxurious
4. Minimal
5. Modern Swedish
6. Colorful

Finally, if you love a good dose of bright color, 2019 could be your favorite year yet! Interior designers are predicting a huge uptake in vibrant furniture and the look is being extended to absolutely everything, from sofas through to wall shelves and even coffee tables as well. What fun!


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