• Customers can never be overly satisfied when it comes to quality. We shall work carefully, skillfully, and with pride.
  • Customers can teach us about our mistakes. We must not take offense to customer issues, rather we shall listen, resolve, and improve.
  • Customers expect value for their money. We shall provide uncompromising levels of customer service, go to any lengths to satisfy our customer’s requests, and we shall always be friendly, flexible, and fair.
  • Customers need on-time deliveries. We shall not make false promises. When a request can not be satisfied we must say so in advance, and then we must offer alternatives which might meet the customer’s needs.
  • Customers need information. We must keep the customer informed at all times. We must communicate regularly, coherently, and completely. This is a business with many details so we must not overlook the importance of sending order progress updates to our customers which allows them to schedule and plan accordingly.
  • Customers need a trustworthy and reliable vendor. We shall be loyal friends, we must honor agreements, and we shall work with integrity, always.
  • Customers need to be profitable too. We shall assist our customers to achieve profitability by providing them furniture and accessories which are unique, well crafted, and which excel in quality versus the customer’s competition. Moreover, we shall extend reasonable and fair prices that will allow the customer to earn the highest possible returns upon resale.